Find your customers the moment they are looking for you

Online experiences begin with a search engine.

Of google searches are done on the phone.

Use Google to research a purchase they plan to make

Users never scroll past the first page of results

Search is a key touchpoint to any purchase journey.

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    Even if someone sees your radio or print advertisement, they will eventually look you up online.
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    When they search for you, and you are not there, your competitors definitely will be
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    To keep ahead of the competition, incorporate search into your digital marketing approach.

Personalized PPC Strategy for Your Brand and Audience

At Origin Media, we design and carry out custom pay-per-click campaigns that match your company’s objectives, brand identity, and target market.

Modern technologies and strategies are used by our team of digital marketing specialists to keep your company one step ahead of the competition online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can PPC Benefit Me?

Search is known as a “last click” platform. What does that mean?


It means that usually Search is the last stop a person makes before taking an action on a website.


Think about your own journey to learn about or buy a product/service. You see ads online but in many cases you end up on Search.


So being present there for when your customers are searching, is super important.


Even if they are searching for competitors you can be there, ready and waiting to grab their attention and send them straight to your website.


And when they get there, they will take the action you want them to.


That is the power of PPC!


Organic Search or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your ranking on organic or free listing.


Paid Search Ads or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) utilizes paid ads to appear above the organic listings. It utilizes a buying model called CPC (Cost per Click) where you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad.


Why Choose Origin Media As Your PPC Agency?

What makes us unique is that we strategize our approach very carefully by understanding your brand, products, audience and competitors.


Only then do we implement the PPC strategy.


We don’t cram a million keywords into one ad group.

We don’t put random bids that exhaust your budget in a day.


We analyze
We optimize
We maximize the output